By submitting an order with Bakerilly, customers agree to the follow terms of service.

1. Guarantees and Our Obligation. We make every effort to provide exactly the flavors, fillings, decorations, sizes, shapes, colors and design you have requested. However, the process of creating your product(s) is an art and like any form of art it is subject to variations. We strive to put the utmost care and dedication into creating your product(s). Should an unforeseeable event occur which prevents us from fulfilling our obligation and we must cancel our agreement with you, we will refund you all amounts paid to us and can work with you to find another baker, if you desire. We will fully cooperate to transfer any materials you have provided to us to your new baker immediately and will refund your costs fully within 2 days from our notice to you. Customer agrees to hold Bakerilly harmless should this situation take place.

2. Save the date. We do not guarantee orders until we have received an order form and, at minimum, a 50% deposit. A deposit of at least 50% is required to guarantee your date and order. This amount is due at the time your order is received. You may choose to pay the full amount of your order, if that is your preference.

3. Rush orders. A rush order is any custom order that is received a week or less prior to your event date, which may or may not be able to be accommodated into our schedule. A $35 rush order fee will be added to your invoice, if we are able to accommodate your order, and full payment is due at the time of ordering.

4. Final payment. The balance of your order, including the cost for any items added after the initial estimate/deposit, is due before your order is delivered. No rain checks! No exceptions! By placing an order with Bakerilly, Customer agrees to pay all amounts incurred as a result of their requests throughout the process of creating their order, delivery of their order and up until receipt of the order. The amount(s) listed on your estimate represent the amount(s) initially discussed and taken into consideration for your estimate, which are to be paid and due at the time your order is placed. The amounts are subject to change based on Customer’s requests thereafter.

5. Delivery and setup. We encourage customers to have their orders delivered, as we work out of a rented kitchen late into the night. Items that are too large or fragile to be assembled prior to delivery (tiered cakes) will require delivery and on-site assembly by Bakerilly. An additional charge will apply and can be determined by the location of your event. Delivery is $1/mile outside of the 610 loop and set-up is $25/hour (minimum 1-hour charge). We offer delivery based on availability and are closed most Sundays. On busy weekends, we may request that your order be delivered the day before. Some large events can be accommodated on Sundays, such as weddings or baptism, if they are not able to be delivered the day prior. Please inquire at the time of your order. Customer should provide delivery information at the time the order is placed to ensure Bakerilly is able to fit your order into the delivery schedule. It is important that cakes requiring set up are allowed at least a 2-hour delivery window, the space is easily accessible, allows for ease of delivery and has suitable conditions for the cake decorator and the cake (i.e. temperature, etc). In the event that an order is completely damaged during delivery by Bakerilly to Customer, Bakerilly will issue a complete refund within 2 days to the Customer. Refunds will not be issued to Customer for any damages that occur to an order once the order has been delivered to the agreed upon location. Customers agree to hold Bakerilly free of liability once their order is delivered to the agreed upon location. It is advisable that the Customer or a Customer representative be present during delivery.

6. Pickup. We do not offer pick up at this time. However, if you are meeting us to save on delivery costs, we encourage you to read the following information. We strongly suggest you use a car that has a flat surface, where the cake will sit level. Avoid slamming on brakes, speeding off quickly, or taking turns/curves/hills at fast speeds. It’s not recommended to hold the cake in your hands or lap during transportation. Large orders may not be boxed or covered completely. It’s important to know that cakes, especially fondant, can sweat and melt in warmer temperatures, so keeping the cake in a well-ventilated, air-conditioned location is key in keeping your order fresh and presentable. Customers agree to hold Bakerilly free of liability once the order is picked up by the Customer, including others whom the Customer has designated to pick up the order. Refunds will not be issued to Customer for any damages that occur to an order once the Customer/Customer’s representative has picked up their order.

7. Cake/Cupcake stands. Cakes require good, level support. We are happy to purchase a cake or cupcake stand and add it to your order. We can decorate the stands to match your theme. However, we are unable to make any guarantees regarding the quality or craftsmanship of items we purchase from other vendors. Customers are free to purchase and use their own cake/cupcake stands. It is advisable that Customers check with Bakerilly to get their order dimensions to ensure their product(s) will fit properly on the stand(s) they are ordering. Bakerilly is not liable for any damage caused to an order due to placement on cake/cupcake stands by or provided by Bakerilly or by Customer.

8. Changes. Changes to your order can be made up to one week prior to your event date. Changes requested will be approved/denied at the sole discretion of Bakerilly. Additional charges can apply. We cannot guarantee the availability of items requested this close to an event date; we can only try our best to provide them!

9. Flowers, ornaments, decorations, etc. We are more than willing to accommodate special requests. These requests must be noted in the order form and agreed upon prior to you event. We do not accept responsibility for coordinating with Customer’s other vendors. Should you wish to provide your own ornaments or decorations, you must have them to us no later than the time we are scheduled to deliver your order. Should you wish to provide your own live flowers, you should have them at the same location and at the same time of the delivery of your order from Bakerilly. Bakerilly will only place live flowers in a cake if they are covered (stems wrapped) properly to reduce contaminating the inside of the cake/cupcakes, etc, we can do this for you, as long as you specify in your order form. We will do our best to secure any items you provide to your cake/cupcakes, etc. We will not inspect these items and cannot guarantee that they will not fall off of your cake/cupcakes, etc. We make no guarantees regarding items that are provided to us. Additional charges will be billed as part of the set-up fee.

10. Non-edible Items. The cake may include non-edible decorations which must be removed before the cake is cut and served, such as wired sugar flowers, fresh flowers, models, internal supports, ribbons, etc. If being cut at a venue, please ensure that items are removed with care and retained for the customer to keep (if desired). This is especially important with fragile sugar flowers or modeled figure toppers which are usually intended as a keepsake. Bakerilly is not responsible for any injury associated with consumption of these items, as you should inspect your cake to remove any support structures or inedible decor before serving.

11. Cake Cutting/Servings. Cakes are sized to meet your serving requirements. Wedding slices priced at 1″ x 2″. Party slices priced at  2″ x 2″. Servings are estimated based on industry cutting charts and the amount of actual servings can vary based on how the cake is cut by the Customer. Cakes should be cut with care, especially those with fondant. Tiered cakes should be disassembled into individual tiers before cutting and serving. A serrated knife and a sawing action should be used to cut the cake to prevent smashing.

12. Our products contain major food allergens, such as eggs, nuts, soy, peanuts, dairy, gluten or wheat. It is the Customer’s responsibility to notify Bakerilly of any ingredients that should not be used in the products ordered. It should be known that all products are prepared in a commissary kitchen, where foods that may contain food allergens are also prepared. Customer agrees to release Bakerilly from any liability in relation to allergic reactions associated with consumption of the requested products.

13. Cancellations. We require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed. Once your order is scheduled, our availability to serve other customers decreases, therefore this deposit becomes non-refundable if your order is cancelled 14 days or less prior to your event date. There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. Any items provided to us should be scheduled to be picked up from Bakerilly at a mutually agreed upon date and time. Any amounts over the 50% deposit that have been paid to Bakerilly will be refunded to Customer within 2 days from receipt of cancellation.

14. Legal. To the fullest extent permitted by law, and not withstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the total liability of Bakerilly and any employees/subcontractors to the Customer, anyone claiming by or through the Customer, for any and all claims, losses, costs or damages, including costs of any nature whatsoever, expenses resulting from or in any way related to this contract from any cause(s) shall not exceed the total compensation received by Bakerilly for products/services from said Customer.

By placing an order with Bakerilly, you signify your understanding and agreement with these terms of service in its entirety. You also agree to pay all amounts, as well as any additional charges incurred through the design/delivery of your product(s) as a result of your requests.

Thank you for choosing Bakerilly! Any questions with regard to this contract can be submitted to us via the contact page!

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